custom scenario

  1. mich

    Herofest Redux v1.scx 1

    =V= Herofest Redux v1.scx Start with one castle and two villagers garrisoned. Military units will auto-spawn from your castle and automatically upgrade with kills. Start building around your base to protect the enemy from entry. In this version, you can make seige rams. Kill the enemy's main...
  2. mich

    Awards - Furious Fury 2v2 CS Tournament [EXAMPLE] 2020-07-07

    [EXAMPLE ONLY] Click the Download button to the right, then right-click on the 'download' icon and open the image in a new window. Then copy the "http://" link to add your images to threads (example below). Furious Fury 2v2 CS Tournament Announcement
  3. mich

    Map - Fury Blood 2016-04

    Choose a unit from the back of your base and put it on the flag to auto-spawn that unit. Kills give you upgrades and kings. Use the store at the upper left/lower right corner of map for additional options; spells and unit upgrages. The download button currently does not work for map file...